Drew Morgan - Jade Richman/Kurt Hummel - Mercedes JonesEdit

Emma Lawson - Luke Hensley/Rachel Berry - Finn HudsonEdit

Lena Faith - Jade Richman/Santana Lopez - Brittany PierceEdit

Perry Scott - Juan Bainbridge/Shannon Beiste - Cooter MenkinsEdit

Drew Morgan - Paul Prescott/Blaine Anderson - Kurt HummelEdit

Trae "Rebel" Lachtner - Perry Scott/Rachel Berry - Mercedes JonesEdit

Drew Morgan - Skyler Parks/Kurt Hummel - Finn HudsonEdit

Luke Hensley - Juan Bainbridge/Ryder Lynn - Jake PuckermanEdit

Luke Hensley - Hayley Lovejoy/Kurt Hummel - Rachel BerryEdit

Alison Keeley - Gauri Daniels/Quinn Fabray - Santana LopezEdit

Sis Sylvester - Principal Sasha Osbourne/Sue Sylvester - Principal FigginsEdit

Sis Sylvester - Kerwin Dean/Sue Sylvester - Will SchuesterEdit

Skyler Parks - Gina Garcia/Sam Evans - Mercedes JonesEdit

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